Tuesday, 5 January 2016

For the Love of Singer Featherweights Meet Violet

Good Afternoon, I have been lost in cyberspace due to the change from Outlook Express. Pictured is my latest addition too my collection of Singer Featherweights. She sews superb and is in excellent condition. I have DH to thank for spying this little gem on the internet.I have named her Violet after the lady I purchased it from.
Happy Stitching, Polly.

Monday, 29 September 2014

From the Fifties

Good Afternoon, a few weeks back, while trolling through cyberland. I read how one quilter was tired of the new age steam irons. I totally agreed with her. Over the past couple of years , I have managed to have one iron catch on fire, another blow up and fuse the house and sadly my commercial iron that I loved the most, gave up the ghost.
The solution, was to purchase an older iron which would heat via element instead of heating up water into steam.
I am a great Ebay fan, have purchased some great finds over the years since Ebay started.
and found this 1950's travel iron, which is practically brand new, hardly been used with original packaging.
Today turned nasty weatherwise, wisely I had DH fire up the travel iron. What a gem, perfect for pressing the seams. One thing to watch,  it becomes quite hot to touch, so need to beware, have no wish for any nasty burns.I simply turned it off.
Happy Stitching, Polly.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A New Start

Good Morning, this will be my first post. Just need to get my head around the workings of blogland.
Until Next Time, Polly